Saint Bernard Is a Lap Dog at Heart

Posted by Paige Cerulli

What happens when your dog weighing over 100 pounds decides that he's a lap dog? You have to watch this video to find out. 

Dogs are the best companions. They're friendly, trusting, and are not afraid to show you just how much they love you. Some dogs love spending time being as close to their humans as possible, and if that means climbing into a human's lap, then that's just what they'll do. A great lap dog will climb into your lap any chance he can get.

The problem comes in when your lap dog weighs well over 100 pounds, like this Saint Bernard does. Sully the Saint Bernard clearly loves his dad, but Sully also doesn't quite seem to know just how heavy he is. Take a look at this adorable video and meet Sully, the oversized lap dog.

Thinking of adding a big breed dog to your home? These large breeds are lovable and are often known for being laid back and affectionate. Before you bring a big dog into your home, though, make sure that you're ready for the responsibilities that go along with having such a large dog. If you have small kids, you'll want to supervise them whenever they're around the dog - while a dog like Sully lying on his adult dad may be cute, it's not so cute if he tries it with a child.

Big dogs need lots of space, eat more food than their smaller dog counterparts, and often have medical issues which require special veterinary treatment. They also typically have shorter lifespans than smaller dogs do.

But why do we love them so much? They're big and cuddly, and there's something wonderful about having a huge dog who weighs as much as you do decide that he's a lap dog at heart.


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Saint Bernard Is a Lap Dog at Heart