This Runaway Mule Sure Steals the Show During a Riding Clinic

Posted by Paige Cerulli

This runaway mule managed to make quite a stir but also won over the crowd when he interrupted a riding clinic. 

Imagine that you're riding in a clinic in front of hundreds of people. You have carefully schooled your horse and prepared for this opportunity, and you're doing your best to listen closely to the clinician while also improving your riding. The audience is quiet and focused, when all of a sudden a runaway mule enters the arena, dragging a lead rope and quickly disrupting the entire clinic.

That's just what happens in this video, but this runaway mule absolutely wins over the crowd with his antics. He really doesn't mean any harm, and is clearly feeling his oats as he kicks, bucks, runs, and even tries to lie down at one point. This mule is adorable and just a bit mischievous, but that makes them fun, doesn't it?

Hopefully you'll never have to face a runaway mule during a clinic. While these horses seemed to handle the disruption in stride, not all horses would be as level-headed as these in this unusual situation. If you ever do find yourself dealing with a loose horse while you're mounted, the decision of whether to stay mounted or dismount is one that you'll have to make in the moment.

There are potential advantages to dismounting, especially if your horse is nervous about the loose horse. Dismounting means that you won't fall from your horse, and if your horse should bolt, you won't be attached to him.

However, once you're on the ground, you could be in the path of the loose horse. If the loose horse is attracted to your horse, you could get caught up in the middle of a scuffle.

Ultimately, there's no single right way to handle a loose horse (or a loose mule). You'll need to rely on your judgement of the situation to help you decide just what to do in order to stay safe.

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This Runaway Mule Sure Steals the Show During a Riding Clinic