This Romanian Animal Hospital Gives Paralyzed Dogs the Gift of Wheels

Posted by TF Oren
All photos courtesy of Adăpostul Speranța

Running and playing are two of the greatest joys in a dog's life.

Unfortunately for some dogs whose legs have failed them, those joys are a bit harder to come by.


But at Ad?postul Speran?a, an animal hospital in Romania, all dogs are given the chance to run. The hospital provides a forever home to stray dogs, and, should any of those dogs need wheelchairs, the hospital provides those too.

"At Speran?a, we insist not to leave any dog behind...[W]e absolutely refuse to end a life that, with proper care, can be a happy one," wrote the hospital in September.


Dogs that receive the custom built carts are once again able to do all things dog.

"They run...they enjoy the sun and the grass, sometimes they even race, with their funny wheels," wrote the hospital.

Florina Tomescu, president of Fundatia Speranta, the organization that runs the hospital, says that the hospital prides itself on providing lifetime care for all the dogs it takes in off the streets of Bucharest.


"All dogs have a story behind them," said Tomescu. "Most of the time, it's sad...But you wouldn't know it, looking at them now."

And according to the hospital, seeing its paraplegic dogs living relatively normal, happy dog lives is the greatest reward there is.

After a summer full of fun, many of the dogs' carts are in disrepair. The hospital needs to buy 11 new carts to accommodate the dogs this winter.


If you'd like to help some of Speran?a's dogs get new wheels, you can donate here. You can also follow the hospital on Facebook by clicking here.

All photos courtesy of Ad?postul Speran?a 

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This Romanian Animal Hospital Gives Paralyzed Dogs the Gift of Wheels