This Rescue Dog Predicted the NFL Playoff Results with 100% Accuracy

Posted by Amber King
dog wearing ref jersey with NFL flags

Before you pick a side this Super Bowl Sunday, you might want to consult this clairvoyant canine.

When the Steelers clinched a win from the Kansas City Chiefs during the divisional round of the AFC playoffs, Yowie knew it would happen. When the Cowboys fell to the Packers after a 51-yard field goal at the end of the fourth quarter, Yowie wasn't surprised.

According to this rescue dog's owner, Jeffrey Smee, the 10-year-old pooch correctly predicted the winner of each NFL playoff game this season. Don't believe it? There's video evidence to prove it.

In the YouTube clips, Smee places two bowls of treats in front of the dog. Each bowl represents a different team with hopes of making it to the Super Bowl. After a dramatic pause, Yowie makes her prediction without doubt or hesitation.

The clairvoyant canine released her first round of predictions on January 3, and she's yet to be wrong. Smee, a movie maker from Pittsburgh, PA, first got the idea when he heard about an octopus named Paul who predicted World Cup winners. He told PEOPLE:

"I thought, 'Hey, why not give this a try with Yowie.' I figured the Super Bowl would be the best thing to try since it's the biggest sports event around (at least in America)."

Now that the videos have reached tens of thousands of viewers, Yowie's seemingly psychic ability is hard to ignore. Smee said;

"She has no past experience predicting anything expect storms and people coming to our front door, but I just figured, let's give it a try and see how far we can go."

With the biggest game of the year only two weeks away, Yowie is getting ready for her final prediction of the season. Will Tom Brady bring home his fifth Super Bowl ring? Or will the Atlanta Falcons topple the Patriots to make team history with their first championship?

Yowie will let you know on January 31 when she releases her pick for Super Bowl LI.

Do you think Yowie will choose correctly? Let us know in the comments.

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This Rescue Dog Predicted the NFL Playoff Results with 100% Accuracy