Redditer Sees Moo Pupper in Car and the Internet Responds Hilariously

Posted by Amber King

Reddit users came to the aid of a calf, and they did it in a way that was both endearing and hilarious.

There are laws protecting people and pets from being left in cars unattended. On a 70-degree day, it will only take a half hour for the inside of a car to reach 104 degrees. After an hour, the temperature will be closer to 113 degrees. Children and animals have died after being left in vehicles without proper ventilation, and that's the exact cause these Reddit users wanted to draw attention to.

PSA: Please do not leave moo pupper in hot car. It spoils the milk vv much from rarepuppers

It's not every day you see a cow in a parking lot, and it's even more rare if that cow is actually a calf sitting in the front seat of a car. Whether the farm animal is a beloved pet or lives in a barn, one Reddit user took to the opportunity to take a picture and share an important message. And like all the best Reddit posts, everyone who reads it can't help but smile.

We don't know how long the "moo pupper" was trapped in the car or what the actual outside temperature was, but the Internet came together in its defense. Fearing spoiled milk, people made comments expressing both concern for the animal's well-being and sharing ideas about the best way to help.

After it was determined that the calf was okay, the conversation segued into talking about everything from the benefits of vegan diets to what it's like to give farm animals car rides. The public service announcement has been viewed by thousands, and it's posts like these that make the Internet a better place.

Do you think the calf was in trouble? Let us know in the comments.

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Redditer Sees Moo Pupper in Car and the Internet Responds Hilariously