This Really Happened: Woman Gets Pet Python Stuck in Ear Gauge

Posted by Mateja Lane

Yes, people have pet pythons. 

And these snake owners like playing with their snakes, just like any other pet owner. They let them slither around, cuddle with them, and let them crawl into their earrings. Wait, what?

Ashley Gawe owns a ball python and they were just hanging out when...

the snake got stuck in her ear gauge.

Ashley posted the pictures on Facebook.

At least this python looks like a baby one. Ball pythons can grow up to three to five feet, which would have been more uncomfortable stuck in an ear hole.

Ashley made her way to the hospital where doctors further stretched her earlobe to remove the snake. She remained calm, even though it must have been painful, and awkward, to have a snake hanging from her ear.

The python is named Bart and Ashley probably won't be allowing him near her ear gauges anymore. But they are still friends.

Because snakes can make cute pets if they aren't getting stuck in places they shouldn't be.

What do you think of this story? Do you have a pet snake? Tell us in the comments below!

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