This Quarter Horse Congress Stall Tour Takes Luxury to a New Level

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Congress horse stall
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The Quarter Horse Congress always has some elaborate stall setups, but this stall tour has to be one of the best ever.

When you travel to some of the more prestigious horse shows, setting up your barn's staging area is one way to draw attention to your riding program. The use of stall drapes, plants, special lighting, and even couches and chairs can help encourage horsepeople (and potential clients) to spend some time visiting your barn at the show.

These setups can range from the basic to the truly luxurious, but we're not sure that we've ever seen any setup quite as impressive as this Quarter Horse Congress stall tour.

This amazing stall tour is courtesy of Chav3z Enterprises, LLC. And we have to admit, we're drooling a bit. As you watch the video, remind yourself that the setup is temporary - it was brought in just for the show, and while it may feel like you're stepping into a living room in a mansion, you're really walking into the barn's space that conceals their stalls.

Take a look and try not to fall in love!

2017 Chav3z Enterprises All American Quarter Horse Congress virtual Stall tour!

Posted by Chav3z Enterprises, LLC on Sunday, October 15, 2017

We can hardly imagine the amount of work that went into this stall setup and design, or the amount of time that it took to construct this masterpiece.

This amazing space is complete with luxurious furniture, a fridge, waterfalls, chandeliers, a TV, and much more. The artwork on the walls is beautiful, and there are even changing rooms for the riders. (If you've ever changed in the back of your horse trailer, then you know what a luxury this is.)

At the Quarter Horse Congress, everyone shows up with their very best displays. However, this setup goes way above and beyond. It leaves us asking just one question: If the stabling entrance looks this great, what do the stalls themselves look like?

What do you think of this elaborate setup? Let us know in the comments!

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This Quarter Horse Congress Stall Tour Takes Luxury to a New Level