This Pup Was out of Luck Until He Met His Rescuer

Posted by Allie Layos

Joey was a lucky dog to meet Lisa Snyder when he did. 

A sweet Pointer mix, Joey was tied to a pole at the Point Fermin Lighthouse in San Pedro, California with a note reading, "My name is Joey. I am looking for a home. Please take care of me!!" Unfortunately he was also barking and snapping at anyone who approached him, but that didn't deter Lisa Snyder from becoming his rescuer.

At the time, Snyder, an animal lover and person of faith, was living in her inoperable van with her three cats, and didn't need more challenges. Still, something told her to help Joey, and when she managed to get a hold of his leash she discovered that he was actually a sweet dog.

Though she searched for help, no one was available, so despite medical conditions that made walking difficult, she walked Joey three miles to the nearest animal shelter. The walk took her all night, and it even began to rain, but she and Joey made it there safely.

Thanks to Snyder's dedication, Joey now has a family of his own and a four-year-old best friend to play with. And the community of San Pedro rewarded Snyder's dedication, too, pulling together to to raise $3,590, enough to fix her van and provide lodging during the repair process.

This heartwarming tale just goes to show -- when you help others, you also help yourself.

In Snyder's case, that help just came in the form of a Go Fund Me campaign that got her back on her feet.

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This Pup Was out of Luck Until He Met His Rescuer