This Massachusetts Police Officer Has Been Dubbed the 'Dog Whisperer'

Posted by Allie Layos
All images via Taunton Police/Facebook

To police officer Evan Lavigne, helping lost dogs is just part of a day's work. 

That's why people have begun calling him "The Dog Whisperer."

According to CBS Boston, it began when Lavigne, a Taunton, Massachusetts police officer, responded to a report of a loose dog on County Street. Not only did he locate the dog, he coaxed it into his cruiser. And then he took a selfie with it.

Animal control was notified and the dog was safely reunited with its owner.

But on Sunday morning, Lavigne was called on for help with another lost dog, this time on Oak Street. Lavigne again got the dog into his cruiser and took another selfie with it.


"No word yet on a happy ending," the Taunton Police posted on their Facebook page Sunday morning.

"If you know the owner of this dog, please contact them and ask them to reach out to Animal Control."

Though as of Tuesday evening the Facebook post had not been updated, on Sunday a commenter thanked Lavigne and informed readers that this dog, too, made it safely home.

All images via Taunton Police/Facebook

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