This Pit Bull Is Besties with Guinea Pigs, Seriously

Posted by Amber King
pit bull is friends with two guinea pigs

When a pit bull named Moki was adopted, his new mom worried about how he'd react to his new siblings.

Domesticated dogs aren't usually considered predators, but they often can't help but take after their wild ancestors. Dogs with high prey drives love to chase cats, birds, and anything else that moves. Moki's new mom knew her two pet guinea pigs definitely fell under the category of prey, but what she didn't know was what her new dog would think of her miniature siblings.

She worried that the dog would chase the tiny fluffballs or play too roughly and hurt them by mistake. But, encouraged by Moki's sweet personality, she introduced the two parties anyway. She hoped the dog would accept having the guinea pigs in her life, but the dog's reaction exceeded all expectations.

The pit bull took an instant liking to her adopted siblings. The best part was, the relationship wasn't one-sided. Both guinea pigs seemed to feel instantly comfortable with the dog, and a quick friendship was formed.

From the instant they met, the unlikely trio became inseparable. They spend their days cuddling together on Moki's oversized bed and are often caught lounging in the cutest positions. Their mom was amazed to see that the animals seemed to genuinely enjoy each other's company. Moki takes care to play gently with her tiny friends, and they aren't afraid to get up close and personal with the big dog.

Pit bulls are often stereotyped as being aggressive, but Moki has shown nothing but love for her two best friends. If you want to see more of their adorable adventures, follow them on Instagram.

Did you ever think a pit bull could love two guinea pigs? Let us know in the comments?

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This Pit Bull Is Besties with Guinea Pigs, Seriously