This Photographer Takes Pictures of Fat Cats Because Big is Beautiful

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A Canadian photographer plans to get ahead of the curve with a new book featuring curvy cats.

With one animal-related coffee table book already under his belt, photographer Pete Thorne has taken to Kickstarter to help get his newest project underway.

His plan? To change the way the world views fat cats. 

Type the words, "fat cat" into Google, and you might as well cancel your evening plans.

There's nothing the Internet loves more than a comical cat meme, but according to Thorne, all those fat cat pictures circulating around the wonderful world wide web have one thing in common: the cats are "meant to be mocked and shamed."

Thorne recognizes fat cats for what they are.

They're kind, smart, emotionally complex, and their extra pounds simply mean there's more to love.

Thorne's proposed project is a 150-page hardcover art coffee table book featuring pleasantly plump portraits of what will soon be a group of the world's favorite fleshy felines.

After publishing "Old Faithful," a photo series of elderly dogs, Thorne knew he wanted to work on something fun and colorful.

These pudgy cats fit the bill.

Today's Fat Cat is Rusty! " ...she's our soft loaf of bread with baby carrot legs and she's more vocal than Tina Turner. She loves everybody and when she sits with you and purrs it's like having a little chainsaw revving beside you. Her loves include lean sliced deli chicken, cat nip, and two-four beer boxes because they fit her voluptuous physique." Please Tag a Friend! Check out Kickstarter link in bio! #fatcats #catphoto #cats #fatcat #thesix #design #photography #catphotography #kitty #toronto @benmulroney @champagnepapi

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He publicized his need for husky house cats and was soon answered by dozens of cat owners.

As it turned out, finding the sultry subjects was the easy part. As any friend of a feline will tell you, getting a cat to cooperate in front of a camera is not a job for the light of heart.

While some cats loved the limelight, others refused to work with him at all. 

Hey Gang! Today's Fat Cat is Henry! You may recognize him from the currently trending post on Buzzfeed! "I don't think Henry understands that he's a pet. He seems to strongly believe that instead, he and human beings should enjoy equal rights - particularly with regards to meals" Help make FAT CATS a book by supporting the KICKSTARTER campaign link in bio! #fatcats #buzzfeed #kickstarter #kitties #fatcat #fatcatsofinstagram #fatcatlife #photography #cat #catsofinstagram #chubby #kitty #toronto #thesix #theellenshow @ellen_degeneres @thefatjewish @theellenshow_ @theellenshow #catweek @champagnepapi #katemckinnon @taylorswift @iansomerhalder @katyperry @marthastewart @ceelogreen #purrfect #purr

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But in the end, the talented photographer was able to coax both the cuddly and not-so-cuddly cats into several cute poses.

Each fat cat portrait will also include a description of the feline's individual personality.

Thorne's plan is to release the book in time for Christmas 2017, but he needs our help to make it happen.

Check out his "Fat Cats: Large and in Charge" Kickstarter page to pledge your support toward this monument to fat cattitude.

Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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This Photographer Takes Pictures of Fat Cats Because Big is Beautiful