This Pet Christmas Photoshoot Is How We All Feel Posing for Holiday Pictures

Posted by Amber King
Four dogs and a cat pose for christmas picture

Everyone say, "CHEESE!"

Some people send pictures of their kids along with their holiday cards, but the most devoted pet parents send pictures of their furry family members.

You give your pets gifts and dress them up in their best holiday sweaters, so why wouldn't you want to capture those moments on camera? After watching this video of how four dogs and a cat handle their Christmas photo shoot, you might want to rethink your answer.

After the fifth relative in a row asks you to pose for holiday pictures, you'll be channeling these pets--especially the cat. From the West Highland Terrier who can't help but be photogenic to the Chihuahua who's showing more fear than Christmas cheer, these holiday pets represent us all.

Keeping these furry siblings focused long enough to get a good shot definitely wasn't easy. As soon as she thinks she's achieved picture gold, someone has to move. But in the end, the effort was worth it.

If you're struggling to take the perfect family photo, an original dog selfie stick may be your solution. It attaches to your smart phone to bring your pet's attention to the camera. If Santa puts one of these handy gadgets in your stocking, you can say goodbye to stressful photo shoots and blurry pictures.

But if that doesn't work, maybe it's time to stick to candids. Share a picture of your dog enjoying the holidays for a chance to win an iFetch. Voting ends January 1st!

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This Pet Christmas Photoshoot Is How We All Feel Posing for Holiday Pictures