This Passenger Brought an Emotional Support Duck on the Airplane

Posted by Paige Cerulli
duck on airplane
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While you might be accustomed to seeing emotional support cats or dogs in plane cabins, one emotional support duck is changing things up. 

When you board a plane, there's always a chance that you'll see a service animal or even an emotional support animal. Typically, these animals are dogs, but passengers on a flight leaving Charlotte, North Carolina, encountered a different kind of animal on their flight.

Daniel, an emotional support duck, accompanied his owner. He also rode in a baby stroller.

When Daniel was allowed out of his stroller, he was wearing little red shoes to help protect his feet.

Daniel also wore a harness and enjoyed exploring the plane and looking out the window. After all, Daniel is used to flying, but he's probably not used to flying that high in the air.

Currently, airlines allow emotional service animals to ride in the plane cabins with their owners. However, that may be subject to change, depending on what federal officials decide. Currently, federal officials are concerned that some flyers may be taking advantage of the fact that emotional support animals are allowed to fly in cabins.

There's a difference between emotional support animals and service animals. Service animals are highly trained and perform a specific task or skill for their owners. Emotional support animals help their owners cope with issues like depression or anxiety, simply by being present. There's no specified training involved.

Because of this, service animals are protected by laws giving them access to public spaces that emotional support animals are not.

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This Passenger Brought an Emotional Support Duck on the Airplane