Parrot Knows the Perfect Way to Keep the Attention Coming

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When this parrot decides it's nap time, she knows that her well-trained owner will be there to scratch her head. 

This parrot loves to have her head scratched as she's relaxing. After all, who doesn't enjoy a nice relaxing massage? But this parrot has also learned how to train her owner, and now that she's trained her owner, she can get exactly what she wants.

Take a look at this cute bird as she relaxes and enjoys a good head scratch. When her owner stops patting her, she makes sure that he knows she's not pleased - no question about it! She clearly lets him know when she's pleased and when she's unhappy, and it's pretty adorable.

Take a look!

Our pets seem to have a way of training us. They figure out just what they want, and then somehow they find a way to make us give it to them. While you may think you're training your pet, pets often end up training us, instead. But isn't that one of the features that makes owning a pet so special?

This video is a great reminder of how special the smaller moments with our pets can be. When was the last time that you settled down with your dog or cat and gave them your undivided attention? Now's the perfect time to turn off the computer, go find your pet, and spend some quiet time with him or her.

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Parrot Knows the Perfect Way to Keep the Attention Coming