This Noseless Cat Needs a Forever Home

Posted by TF Oren
Photos by Bath Cats and Dogs Home via BBC.

Everybody needs a place to call home.

Dave the cat is no exception.

The 14-year-old cat arrived at the U.K.'s Bath Cats and Dogs Home in Somerset about a month ago when his elderly owner could no longer care for him.

Dave is no ordinary tabby. He's a quite a unique old fellow in that he's missing the front of his nose. Veterinarians removed a cancerous tumor several years ago, giving him his unusual "noseless" appearance.

Unfortunately, Dave's stand-out feature, or lack thereof, rather, seems to be working against him.

"Dave is beautiful but sadly due to his looks he's struggling to find a home," says Rachel Jones, of the Bath Cats and Dogs Home.

Shelter staff say Dave is a sweet old man. His nose doesn't affect him or require any special care.

Despite his odd appearance, Dave is not affected by his altered nose. Nor does his condition require any special care. According to Jones, Dave is "a very loving cat and just waiting for someone to overlook his unusual feature and give him a forever home."

Hopefully, Dave's special someone will come along and give this sweet old man the loving forever home he deserves. We're rooting for you, pal!

All photos by Bath Cats and Dogs Home via BBC.

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This Noseless Cat Needs a Forever Home