This NFL Player's Instagram Looks Just Like Yours-It's Mostly Pictures of Dogs

Posted by Amber King
Carson Wentz and his dogs

Carson Wentz may be leading a winning NFL team, but a look at his Instagram shows he's a true dog dad.

The Philadelphia Eagles' quarterback is busy dodging sacks and making plays as he leads his team through their best season in years, but his life isn't all about football. The 24-year-old professional athlete has another passion--his two dogs named Henley and Jersey.

😃 Show me a better looking crew than these two #Jersey #mamaHenley

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Scroll through Wentz's social media feed, and you'll be pleased to see picture after picture of the two adorable Golden Retrievers. Four-year-old Henley is the original fur member of the Wentz family, and in November 2016, she gave birth to eight puppies.

After living with nine dogs for nearly two months, Wentz adopted out seven of the puppies to friends and family. The eighth puppy, named Jersey, has yet to leave the football player's side.

Jersey in Cali 😎 #AirJersey #goldenreceiver

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When he's not sending game-winning rockets into the endzone, Wentz is an outdoorsman. He likes to hunt and fish, and he trains Jersey and Henley to be the best partners. Both dogs accompany him on his adventures, and by the looks of their pictures, it's hard to tell who has more fun.

There was the time Henley spent the day curled up under the blind with her favorite hunter,

This is how we spent our weekend #intheblind #mansbestfriend

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...and when Jersey came around, he showed off his skill in the water.

Last week, my little man Jersey decided to snag a double while training! #efficiency #beast

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Wentz and his canine crew spend a lot of time hunting and training, but they're also the best of friends at home and on the road.

Henley couldn't wait to be reunited with her dog dad after their big move from North Dakota to Philadelphia,

Just cuz I love my dog

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...and the trio took their first family picture last December.

Merry Christmas from me, Henley, and the newest addition to the crew- - Jersey! 🐶 #tiredpup

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While Henley and Jersey will always be Wentz's number one pups, he's taken his love for dogs to another level. Wentz founded the non-profit "Carson Wentz AO1 Foundation" to provide service dogs that improve the quality of life for Philadelphia's youth. The program also offers hunting and outdoor opportunities to individuals with physical challenges and military veterans living in the Midwest.


Follow Wentz of Instagram for regular pictures of his adorable dogs.

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This NFL Player's Instagram Looks Just Like Yours-It's Mostly Pictures of Dogs