This New Collar Is Being Called the 'Apple Watch for Dogs'

Posted by Amber King

Now even your dog can hop on the Apple Watch bandwagon.

You use your iPhone for communicating, browsing the Internet, scheduling events, and so much more, and now you can also use it to better connect with your dog.

SensDog is the first behavioral intelligence-based smart collar, and its creators have set out to change the way pet parents care for their dogs.

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A team of canine behavioral experts and technology gurus came together to create this innovative collar nicknamed the "Apple Watch for Dogs." It's special because unlike other "smart" collars that simply relay information about a pet's location, SensDog measures a dog's specific mood. It identifies behaviors including sitting, eating, and walking and recognizes emotions.

The device is a specially-made Apple Watch set within a small waterproof box and attached to a lightweight collar made from silicon lines. It uses body motion sensors to detect movement that is then sent to the SensDog lab.

The data is evaluated by a specific software that sifts through a library of known dog behaviors and matches it to the correct one. From there, a message is sent directly to the user's phone via a mobile app. The process offers instant insight into the mind of the dog.

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Co-developer Adam Miklosi explains how the relayed information will help dog owners,

"This could mean information about the dog's stress, fear, injury or any extreme behavior, or positive things like needing to go out for a walk, or that it's time to eat."

Imagine you're at work while your dog is home alone. Your SensDog app tells you your dog is eating, and you suddenly remember you left the cookies for tonight's party on the counter. It may be too late to save the cookies, but SensDog allows you to communicate remotely with your dog to express your displeasure.

Depending on the model, the collar may even emit sounds and lights via remote access. If you're training your dog to not jump on the counter, the ability to monitor his behavior and continue training even when you're not there will make the training process more efficient.

The Apple Watch for Dogs even gives insight into a dog's emotions. It monitors the dog's heart rate and can detect when he's afraid, stressed, or extra excited. With this information, owners can determine what's causing the reaction and do their part to resolve the situation.

If the collar detects signs of stress every time the neighborhood children come to visit, the owner can take steps to limit the dog's interaction with them and keep him happy.

The collar also stores and tracks information about specific dogs to determine behavioral patterns. Owners can use that data to determine training progress, and it can also be compared to data collected from similar breeds.

As more dog owners choose SensDog, the compiled data will then be used in a worldwide study on canine behavior. More users mean a larger pool of information that will come full circle to help SensDog improve.

The Apple Watch for Dogs is both water and shock proof and operates using Bluetooth and WiFi. It's expected to be available for purchase by July 2017. If you already know you like the idea, head over to Indiegogo to support the project.

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This New Collar Is Being Called the 'Apple Watch for Dogs'