Meet a Horse Day Event Planned in D.C. by American Horse Council

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Washington, D.C. residents are about to go horse crazy thanks to the work of the American Horse Council.

July 21 is National Meet a Horse Day, and the American Horse Council is partnering with the USDA, National Park Service Park Police, the Washington International Horse Show, and the Caisson Platoon to make sure as many residents as possible are able to do just that.

The horse meet-and-greets will take place during the USDA's Farmers Market on the National Mall on 12th street. Every Friday from May 5 to October 27, farmers, ranchers and small business owners sell everything from flowers to organic produce and locally made foods like homemade breads.

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AHC President Julie Broadway believes it is the perfect place to allow people to meet a horse, and maybe even turn new enthusiasts into equestrians.

"Part of the AHC's work is to introduce new people to horses and increase accessibility not only to the horses themselves but the horse industry as well," Broadway said.

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"We felt this partnership with the USDA's Farmers Market was a perfect opportunity to have people come meet a horse in a relaxed atmosphere. Summer is a great time for families to connect with their local stables, and plan to add horse activities to their schedules. We even have a local stable generously donating a free 30-minute beginner lesson to be used in a raffle at the booth."

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Lieutenant Denise Maradiaga, commander of the United States Park Police's Horse Mounted Patrol said:

"Our horse mounted patrol is an integral part of the success of our operation and our community outreach efforts. We are thrilled to be a part of this event and hope many people come down to meet our horses and their officers."

Victoria Lowell, president of the Washington International Horse Show, explained that for many residents, it will truly be a first time experience:

"Most city residents no longer have the opportunity to interact with, and benefit from, horses. We appreciate being a part of the AHC's Meet a Horse Day as we prepare for WIHS, including a free Kids' Day on Saturday, Oct. 28. Both these programs extend the opportunity to experience the joy of connecting with horses here in our Washington D.C. community."

Anyone wishing to meet a horse can stop by the Farmers Market on July 21 between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Visitors are encouraged to use the hashtags #HorsesInDC and/or #MeetAHorse on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to be featured on the AHC's social media pages.

Will you be attending any horse events or equine activities to celebrate Meet a Horse Day? Tell us in the comments below!

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Meet a Horse Day Event Planned in D.C. by American Horse Council