This Mini Pinscher Got Attacked by a Bear But Her Fat Saved Her

Posted by Krissy Howard
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A chubby pooch was protected from a potentially fatal bear attack, and she has her extra pounds to thank for it. 

A Florida dog suffered a bear attack in her front yard yet lived to tell the tale. What saved her? Her veterinarian thinks it may have been a few extra pound the overweight pooch was carrying in her midsection.

Frika, a miniature pinscher, is technically overweight for a dog of her size, weighing in at 15 pounds. While it's usually recommended to keep a pup's weight in check to prevent additional health problems, this time, it may have saved her life.

"The vet said she's just really hardy," said Frika's owner Eric Yaughn in an interview with News 7 Miami.

"She said the extra layer of fat kept the bear's claw from tearing out her intestines."

Luckily for Frika, Yaughn was outside with her when the attack occurred. Immediately upon noticing the little dog was injured he ran the two to a back door and pushed Frika inside to safety.

"As I'm closing the door, the bear was right there," Yaughn recalled, pointing a mere few feet away to a spot on his back patio.


After being rushed to the vet, Frika was stitched up and sent back home, where she's recovering nicely. Bears are frequently seen in residential neighborhoods of Central Florida, and pet owners are encouraged to keep a close eye on pets anytime they're let out in a yard alone.

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This Mini Pinscher Got Attacked by a Bear But Her Fat Saved Her