This May Be the Best Dog Pool Party Ever, But One Dog Ain't Feelin It

Posted by Paige Cerulli

While most of the dogs seem to love this dog pool party, there's one dog in the mix who just doesn't feel like swimming today. 

Have you ever held a dog pool party? It's a great way for dogs to cool off and also get some exercise during the summer. If you're lucky enough to have a pool at your home, then consider inviting some friends and their dogs over for a dog pool party on a warm day. It's sure to be entertaining for both owners and dogs, alike.

The dogs at this pool party seem to love the pool - that is, with the exception of one dog who just doesn't feel like swimming. In fact, she's mastered the art of balancing on her hind legs in the water, and it's hilarious to watch her.

Don't worry, she's not miserable - according to the comments on the video, she does get in and swim, but also takes this "standing" approach from time to time. Check out her funny act.

Before you have a bunch of dogs over for a dog pool party, give a little thought to how the dogs will get along. It's best to start with a small group of dogs who are all well-socialized and well-behaved. Introduce each dog individually in a small gathering, and keep all of the dogs leashed for their initial introductions. Be sure to watch for any signs that a dog is getting uncomfortable or stressed by the situation, and separate a dog if he needs some time to calm down.

If you decide to let the dogs get into the pool, make sure that you have plenty of people around to help supervise. The dogs will need a way into and out of the pool - you can see the pool in this video features a wooden staircase that the dogs can use. Have some toys ready that you can throw into the pool, and get ready to have a great pool party!

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This May Be the Best Dog Pool Party Ever, But One Dog Ain't Feelin It