This May Be the Best Conversation About a Cat and Ice Cream Ever

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When a mother and daughter get into an argument about their cat eating ice cream, it turns into what might be the best conversation ever. 

Most cats aren't treated to ice cream on a regular basis, but Coco the cat has always been given the best of treatment by her family.

Debbie Katz had taken to giving Coco vanilla ice cream every night. But when the ice cream went missing one night, Debbie texted her 20-year-old daughter, Jenny, to find out just what had happened to Coco's special treat.

The result is a hilarious conversation via text message.

Twitter 1

Then, the conversation got even funnier.

Twitter 2

Twitter 3

Whoops! Looked like Jenny ate some dessert which wasn't hers, but we love the conversation that resulted. Something tells us that Coco wasn't satisfied with a popsicle.

Lucky for us, Jenny saw the comedy in the text exchange and shared the whole thing on her Twitter page. At the writing of this article, the post had been shared more than 17,000 times and had been favorites more than 29,000 times.

Coco the cat is 17, so her vanilla ice cream is well-deserved. But before you pick up the habit of feeding your cat this sweet treat every night, try to find a healthier treat for your cat. Ice cream on occasion isn't too bad, but giving your cat ice cream regularly probably isn't a good idea.

Something tells us that either Jenny or Debbie went out the next day and bought more of Coco's special treat. And we'll also bet that Jenny won't finish off the vanilla again anytime soon.

All images courtesy of Jenny Katz via Twitter

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This May Be the Best Conversation About a Cat and Ice Cream Ever