At This Japanese Spa, You Can Get a Massage from a Cat

Posted by Paige Cerulli
cat massage

If you ever head to this Japanese massage parlor, your massage therapist might just have four paws instead of two hands. 

Cats are known for their awesome kneading skills. They knead to soften up an area before settling down, but they also often knead when they're feeling particularly content. One Japanese massage parlor decided to take advantage of the cat's kneading and put cats to work on clients.

Take a look - while a massage therapist works on the client's legs and feet, a cat happily massages the client's lower back. The cat seems to do quite a good job, too. If you've ever felt the warmth of a cat settling down onto your back, you can imagine this would probably feel pretty good - as long as the cat was careful with his claws.

Here's a quick look at this rather unusual massage parlor.

Love the idea of a cat massage? Unfortunately you'll have to travel to Japan for an experience like the one in this video. Because of United States health regulations, animals (except service animals) often aren't allowed in public facilities, particularly facilities like massage businesses, restaurants, and grocery stores.

But that doesn't mean that cats don't have roles in society. A brewery in Chicago employs cats to help control the mouse population. And then there's Bobo, a cat who works at a store in Chinatown. And don't forget about Tom the therapy cat who visits hospitalized veterans. In truth, cats have many jobs.

We just have one question: Is the cat on the massage parlor's payroll?

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At This Japanese Spa, You Can Get a Massage from a Cat