Dog Can't Make It Back from Swimming, Stranger Jumps in to Help

Posted by TF Oren
Photos by Lisa Delong via The Dodo

There's nothing most dogs love more than a good swim on a hot day.

Nellie is no exception. A week ago Sunday, Nellie's owner, Lisa Delong, took the pooch to a Halifax, Canada beach for a summer swim.

Everything was fine until Nellie suddenly found herself a bit disoriented and about 1,000 feet from shore. She was swimming slowly in circles, and it was clear to Delong that Nellie was lost.

"I think she thought she was going for a good swim and then got confused about where to go...She couldn't really differentiate between what shore to come back to," Delong told the Dodo.


Delong panicked. She knew she wasn't a strong enough swimmer to get to Nellie in time. She felt helpless. People gathered around her and helped her call to Nellie. Unfortunately, their efforts failed to grab the dog's attention.

"I don't think she even heard us calling," said Delong.

Delong even phoned the local yacht club in search of help for Nellie.

Nellie had been swimming for about an hour by the time Adam Parker arrived on the scene. Parker, who had been out walking his own dog, came over to see what was going on.


As soon as he learned of Nellie's predicament, Parker, a paramedic, jumped into the water. He reached Nellie just in time. She was out of breath and having a hard time keeping her head above water. Parker grabbed her collar and pointed her toward the shore.

For Parker, there wasn't ever a question about what to do.

"I would not have been able to live with myself if I had been standing there and watched Nellie drown...So I made the choice to go after her."


When Parker and Nellie reached land, Nellie assaulted Parker with thank-you kisses, but not before dropping the ball she'd been holding in her mouth the whole time.

Nellie, however, wasn't the only one who was thankful for Parker's heroism.

"I really think she wouldn't have made it," says Delong. "I'm very grateful."


Although she was worn out from her ordeal, Nellie was otherwise unscathed. And, according to Delong, quite proud of herself for bringing her beloved ball back to shore.

All photos by Lisa Delong via The Dodo.

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Dog Can't Make It Back from Swimming, Stranger Jumps in to Help