This Man Used a Rescue Kitten to Propose to His Girlfriend in the Cutest Way Possible

Posted by Amber King
Kat Woodley via Metro

With a new kitten and a proposal, this woman is having the best day ever.

One blind date and two years later, Jerad Forsyth knew his animal-loving girlfriend, Kat Woodley, was the one. He was ready to pop the question and make it official, and he decided to do it in the cutest way possible.

The couple, who already have a dog named Shamus, agreed it was time to expand their family. They decided to adopt a kitten from their local shelter, and Jerad knew it was his perfect opportunity.

He is just the cutest baby kitty <3 #ilovemykitty #sleepykitty #engagementkitty #purrpurrpurr

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When the big day came, Kat thought she was going to the Erie County SPCA to pick up their new bundle of joy on her own. She didn't know that Jerad was already there with a film team on-hand. Kat told Metro,

"The SPCA told me they were filming it to promote adoption, so I wasn't suspicious. I thought Jerad was at work."

A staff member brought out the couple's new kitty, an adorable fuzzball named Gandolph, and asked Kat to read the name tag. Kat later explained to reporters that Jerad's aunt worked at the shelter and she thought she had bought the nametag for them. She still had no idea what was about to happen.

With some prompting from the SPCA staff, Kat read those four words on her new kitty's name tag, "Will you marry me?"

When she looked up, Jerad was walking toward her.

He bent down on one knee, and she said yes.

Now Jerad and Kat will start their married life as a family of four, with a pup named Shamus and the rescue kitten that made it all possible, Gandolph.

Post proposal, Gandolph has settled into his new home. He's bonded with his big brother Shamus and loves exploring his new digs.

The video of Jerad's proposal is quickly making its way around the internet. Because, as Kat puts it,

"It's nice to read about something light-hearted. Plus, the internet loves kittens."

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This Man Used a Rescue Kitten to Propose to His Girlfriend in the Cutest Way Possible