Foster Child Finds Best Friend in Reagan the Labradoodle

Posted by Amber King
little boy riding bike next to labradoodle

It's their bond, not shared blood, that makes these adopted brothers so special.

When a little boy named Buddy was only 11 months old, he was taken in by a foster family living in Oregon. As a foster child, life hadn't been easy on the infant, but that was about to change. He was welcomed into his new family with open arms, and open paws. A Labradoodle named Reagan quickly became his best friend and brother.

Owned by Buddy's foster grandmother, Reagan was also 11 months old when he met little Buddy. He was adopted when he was only a tiny pup to bring comfort to Sandi Swiridoff after giving up two former foster children.

Reagan helped Swiridoff heal after the loss, and when Buddy came into his life, the pup knew his job wasn't done. Little Buddy and Reagan formed a powerful bond, and now two years later, they're as inseparable as ever.

They love to learn,

Piglet: How do you spell love? Pooh: You don't spell it, you feel it. ?❤️??

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And adventures are always more fun when they're together.

They were the cutest trick-or-treaters,


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And they're helping each other get ready for Christmas. 

Merry Kissmas ?

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They obviously have guaranteed spots on Santa's nice list

Together is our favorite place to be. ?❤️??

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Along with wearing matching outfits,

Napping together is their favorite thing to do.

Play hard, nap harder. ? . #napseries4of3? #couldntresistarest

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But when they wake up, they're back to being partners in crime. 

Just getting ourselves a midnight snack. ??

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When you look past the blond hair, there may not be a physical resemblance between these adopted brothers,

Wet kisses... gotta love um. ??❤️

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But that doesn't mean they're not family.

Spreading Christmas cheer. ?❤️?? #atleastihopethatsallimspreading

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To keep up with Reagan and Buddy's adorable antics, follow them on Instagram. There will also soon be a book to showcase never-before-seen pictures of the brotherly duo.

From the day they first met to life's recent milestones, the book will cover it all. It will be available for purchase on Reagan's Etsy in 2017, and all proceeds will go toward helping foster families.

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