Lab Puppy Throws the Cutest Tantrum When She Drops Her Bone

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When this Lab puppy drops her bone on the floor, she lets us know in no uncertain terms that she isn't pleased. 

Puppies are adorable. This Lab puppy is no exception. Happily content on the couch, chewing on her bone, she's the picture of cuteness. She's what's good about puppies - their innocence, their sweetness, the happiness that they bring to the whole household.

That is, until she drops her bone. Then this Lab puppy can't help but let us know that she's not pleased. In fact, she throws a mini tantrum, all because she doesn't want to get down off the couch to retrieve her bone. It's far too much work, after all - you can understand that, right?

Take a look at this funny video:

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, our dogs get a little....spoiled. Maybe we pick up the bone that our dog has dropped, or get up to let him in and out of the house a few too many times. Soon, the behavior becomes a habit, and our dogs expect us to fulfill their every wish. This Lab puppy clearly thinks that someone should be fetching her bone for her, at least.

Does your dog have you trained to do certain things that are a little above and beyond your typical duties?

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Lab Puppy Throws the Cutest Tantrum When She Drops Her Bone