This Kombucha Company Puts Adoptable Shelter Dogs on Their Labels

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Images via Kombucha Dog

Have you heard of Kombucha Dog? This small business has come up with an innovative way to help shelter dogs find homes. 

Nationwide, shelters face the challenge of how to get more cats and dogs adopted. Reaching potential adopters who don't come into the shelter can be a challenge, especially on limited funds. So when a company steps up to the plate, it's a big deal. And Kombucha Dog has stepped up in a very big way.

Kombucha Dog is a business which produces one of the only traditionally fermented kombuchas on the market. It's owned by Michael Faye, who worked as a commercial photographer for more than 25 years before starting his own kombucha business. And so, Kombucha Dog was created.


Faye has a soft spot for rescue dogs. His own rescue dog, Charlie, was by his side through the creation of his business. And that's when Faye realized that he could use the shelf space held by his product in order to promote shelter dogs in need of homes.

Faye put his photography skills to work, capturing captivating photographs of shelter dogs at local rescue groups. Those photos became the labels for the kombucha. Today, Kombucha Dog has helped to place over 100 shelter dogs in their new, forever homes.


Faye's kombucha is stocked by over 150 bars, markets, and restaurants in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Diego Counties. But don't worry - if you can't find the kombucha for sale, you can still see the absolutely adorable shelter dogs in need of adoption on Kombucha Dog's site.


A quality product with a great mission behind its labeling? We love it. Not only do you get to enjoy a great drink, but the labels are absolutely adorable. Plus, Faye is helping shelter dogs to find new homes.

As shelters must constantly come up with innovative ways to get their dogs seen, this labeling strategy is already experiencing serious success.

Images via Kombucha Dog

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This Kombucha Company Puts Adoptable Shelter Dogs on Their Labels