Kitten Determined to Tame Chocolate Lab's Fiercely Wagging Tail

Posted by Paige Cerulli

There's no need for store-bought toys; this kitten has happened upon the best toy ever, and it's a chocolate Lab's wagging tail. 

Kittens are naturally playful - playing helps them to learn the hunting skills that they would need later on in life if they were living in the wild. Play is also a good way for kittens to get rid of their excess energy, and it keeps them entertained. This three-month-old kitten is particularly interested in an unusual toy: this chocolate Lab's wagging tail.

You have to hand it to her - she's determined that she's going to control this wagging tail, even if the tail is larger and probably heavier than she is. Luckily the Lab doesn't seem to mind as she grabs, bites, and climbs all over his tail. After all, the Lab is waiting for a treat, and nothing else much matters when there's food involved.

Take a look at this adorable kitten and her quest to stop the wagging tail!

Kittens and dogs can get along quite well, especially if the dog is one who's as easygoing as this Lab is. These two make quite the pair, and I bet as this kitten grows up their fun relationship will continue.

Even if you think your dog might take to a kitten, it's still important to make the introduction gradually and to carefully supervise the two pets when they're in the same room. Some dogs may feel threatened by a kitten stepping in on their space and taking up the attention of their owner.

Remember, too, that dogs are usually much larger than kittens, so even a playful touch with the paw can actually harm the kitten. With a bit of time, many dogs and kittens learn to get along just fine, like the pair in this video. Just be careful and be sure that you're around to supervise until the pair really knows each other.

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Kitten Determined to Tame Chocolate Lab's Fiercely Wagging Tail