Animal Shelter Installs Cat Condos in Hopes of Increasing Adoption Rates

Posted by Tori Holmes
Cat in a cat condo
All images courtesy of Regional Animal Services of King County

Regional Animal Services of King County is turning uncomfortable, sterile metal cages into comfy cat condos. 

In a push to boost adoption rates, the Regional Animal Services of King County has included the installation of "cat condos" into their summer upgrade plans.

These upgrades, among others, are made possible thanks to a $75,000 grant the shelter received from the Petco Foundation.

cat in a cat condo

The new condos will be much more spacious than traditional metal cages and will have translucent doors and multiple compartments where the cats can eat, sleep, and play.

The new amenities are features that the shelter hopes will make the adoption area more welcoming to potential families.

cat condos

"We expect that cats will get adopted a little bit faster because people will have a better chance to interact with them in a more natural state," explains Nikie Ford, the shelter's animal services coordinator.

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When the cats aren't in their new condos, they also have the opportunity to enjoy some fresh air in the shelter's newly completed "catio."

cat in a catio

If the weather is inclement, they can also stretch their legs in the indoor playroom. Some of the playrooms' great features include a small waterfall, wall-mounted wooden napping boxes, and a climbing bridge that wraps around the top of the room.

Currently, the shelter says that nine out of ten of the animals that come into their care are rehomed or reunited with their families and they hope that these upgrades will help increase that number.

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All images courtesy of Regional Animal Services of King County.

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