This Goat Kid Couldn't Be Happier When She Goes to Town on Her Milk

Posted by TF Oren

What kid doesn't love to blow bubbles in a glass of milk?

Blowing bubbles in milk is practically item #1 in the universal kid handbook. And apparently, that goes for "kids" of all species.

This happy little kid doesn't waste any time getting her bubbled-up milk down the hatch. As soon as that milk is within gulping distance, this baby is all over it, scooting back and forth on her tiny little hooves to get the best angle and wagging her tail like there's no tomorrow.

She pretty quickly figures out that the whole four-feet-on-the-ground thing just isn't cutting it. So down to her knees she goes! Watch her in action:

After a go on her front knees, she changes her mind and is back up on all fours, hopping around the pot in pursuit of every last drop. Her little tail never stops wagging!

Once she finishes, she double checks with her human to make sure there isn't any more milk hiding somewhere. It's important to be thorough, after all.

Now that you're feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, the only thing left to ask is, what could possibly be cuter than a baby goat? Simple. A baby goat with a milk mustache.

What do you think of this sweet video? Tell us in the comments below!

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This Goat Kid Couldn't Be Happier When She Goes to Town on Her Milk