Moving with Cats Means Your House Is a Huge Feline Playground

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Moving to a new house can be stressful and tiring, but it's a whole different experience when you're moving with cats. 

You've booked the movers, closed on your new house, and have begun the process of packing up all your things. Your house is full of cardboard boxes and packing paper, making it an absolute playground for your cats. Moving with cats is not only challenging, it's totally entertaining.

Just look at what moving with cats Cole and Marmalade is like in the video below. The two outgoing cats thoroughly enjoy the process of packing up their old house. They even handle the car ride and hotel stay impressively well. Of course, they stay their goofy, curious selves throughout the whole process. Take a look!

If you'll be moving with a cat in the future, then it's important to realize that moving can be a stressful time in your cat's life. When you're packing, try to leave your cat's possessions, like his toys and his bed, to last. If you're carrying boxes out of the house, be sure that your cat is secured in a room - if your cat gets out, he's likely to be scared and it may be difficult to find him before you leave.

Most moves will require that your cat spends some time in the car. Turn the car on ahead of time so that you can cool down or warm up the inside temperature so that your cat will be comfortable. It's helpful to give your cat one of your shirts inside his carrier, so that he can smell you. If you'll be driving more than three hours, stop and give your cat a chance to use the litter box and drink some water.

Some cats handle moves better than others. Once you've arrived at your new home, keep your cat in a single room for a few days so that he gets used to where his litter box is. Cats given free run of a new house may feel insecure and try to mark the property. After a few days in a room, you can let your cat start to roam around.

With time, your cat will settle into his new surroundings.

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Moving with Cats Means Your House Is a Huge Feline Playground