This Is What a Conversation with a Parrot Looks Like

Posted by Jason Sarna

Marnie is a parrot who loves to talk!

Many pet owners often wonder what it would be like to talk to their pets. Not just talk to them but have actual conversations with them.

Parrots are unique in that their owners can converse with them in a way that feels human.

By watching the video, we can see how much Marine loves her owner. We can also see how much the owner loves Marnie.

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The relationship we have with our pets is sacred, and although we cannot communicate with them as directly as this woman can communicate with Marnie, we are able to understand their thoughts, needs, and feelings by paying attention to their actions.

It's nice to see that when a pet like Marnie can talk, she is happy, loving, and full of laughs. As pet owners, we can only hope that all of our animals love us this much.

What would you talk about with your pet? Let us know in the comments section below!

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This Is What a Conversation with a Parrot Looks Like