This Is How This Dog Protects Its Owner's Head During Seizures

Posted by Krissy Howard
dog protects owner from seizures

When a dog owner with a traumatic brain injury mimics her seizure symptoms, her trained service dog Colt comes to the rescue. 

Colt the dog is more than just a family companion. Personally trained by his owner, who has years of experience training military K9s, Colt helps protect her in the event of a seizure, a symptom she sometimes endures as the result of a traumatic brain injury she sustained years ago.

In a video simulating exactly what happens in the event of a seizure, Colt, a Weimaraner/English Lab mix, can be seen placing himself between his owner's head and the floor, which might result in further injury if unattended. Knowing exactly what signs to look for, Colt serves as a makeshift pillow, protecting his owner from injury. Check him out in action in the video below!

Colt was handpicked by his owner with the help of an animal behaviorist, and his training hasn't stopped since they got started. He was considered a trained service dog after about a year and a half of work, but despite the extensive lessons, seizure alert can't be trained - it's simply a natural reaction that some dogs have, and some dogs don't. Take a look at the case of Oklahoma pit bull Brutus, for example, who naturally detects seizures before they start in his young owner, with no training at all.

Colt is said to usually alert his owner anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours before a seizure is set to start, which gives her enough time to take medication to prevent it. If she's on the verge of passing out, Colt lets her know with about 15 minutes warning, so she can hopefully find a safe place to rest if need be.

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This Is How This Dog Protects Its Owner's Head During Seizures