This Insanely Cute Duckling Will Make You Turn to Jelly

Posted by TF Oren

Prepare yourself for cuteness overload, because this duckling is about to dish it out. 

This adorable little quacker has a full day of activities ahead, beginning with a sprint around the house, and ending with a nap on his favorite human. It must be tough to be so ridiculously cute.

Every good day should start with a little exercise, and today is no exception for this duckling. He runs through the house, chasing after his human. As if the sound of his little duck feet going a mile a minute on a hardwood floor weren't enough, he peeps as he goes!

He takes a quick breather on the rug and has a few more things to say to his human before he takes off again, pitter-pattering through the house.

Look at him go!

After a good workout, it's bath part of the day! This little one hops in his red tub and knows exactly how to make us all go, "awwwww!"

What could be cuter than a duckling taking a bath, you ask? Well, how about the blow dry that follows. Watch how he closes his little eyes when the warm air hits. So cute, it almost hurts.

Now all warm and dry, there's only one logical follow up: a massage and a nap, of course. He peeps himself to sleep while his human gently strokes him. Baby animals falling asleep? Yes, please.

Clearly, life's pretty rough for this duckling. Share this gem with anyone who needs a pick-me-up, or keep it as a go-to when you need a dose of cute.

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This Insanely Cute Duckling Will Make You Turn to Jelly