Energy Understatement: Watch out for This Husky's Zoomies

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When this Husky gets the zoomies, you'd better look out - she goes absolutely wild!

Does your dog get the zoomies? You know, that crazy phenomenon where your dog can be half asleep one moment and ricocheting around your house the next? It's fun and entertaining to watch your dog go a little bit nuts, but this Husky's zoomies are out of this world.

This Husky is super athletic and is determined to use every inch of space available to her during her zoomies. She flies from the couch to the other rooms, then back onto the couch, then even under the couch. Clearly she's feeling great and is having an awesome time. Take a look!

When choosing a dog, it's important to consider their energy level. Different breeds are known for having certain energy levels, though you'll want to also remember that energy can vary within each individual dog. Generally, working breeds like Australian Cattle Dogs and Border Collies are known for their high energy, as are Huskies.

If you get a dog who has lots of energy, then you'll need to come up with some ways to help dispel that energy on a daily basis. Long walks are good, but your dog may need some higher intensity activity, like playing fetch, swimming, or running. Having a fenced-in yard can allow your dog to get rid of some energy, but plan on spending some time walking, playing with, or exercising your dog every day.

With lots of exercise, your dog's zoomie sessions may reduce, though it's likely your dog will still get a case of the zoomies from time to time.

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Energy Understatement: Watch out for This Husky's Zoomies