This Husky Puppy Sounds Like a Little Wookiee and We Can't Get Enough

Posted by Amber King
husky puppy sounds like wookiee

You don't need to ask this Husky puppy who his favorite "Star Wars" character is, he lets you know loud and clear.

You're not a true "Star Wars" fan unless you've put serious effort into practicing your Wookiee call. Your imitation probably sounds more like a cross between a gargle and a scream, but that doesn't mean you don't do it. Not everyone can perfect that well-known sound, but this Husky puppy channels his inner Chewie to make sure he's heard.

At only a few weeks old, his baby howls sound like they come straight out of "The Empire Strikes Back."

His siblings are sleeping soundlessly, but who has time to nap when "Star Wars: Episode IX" comes out in only two years? If Lucasflim Ltd. is ever looking for Wookiee stunt doubles, this little guy is sure to get the gig.

We can only hope that he doesn't grow out of this adorable little howl.

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