Husky Makes the Most of the Heat and Blows Bubbles in His Water

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Simply drinking water isn't enough for this Husky - after all, it's much more fun to blow bubbles!

Remember when you were a child and you had a drink with a straw in it? How much fun was it to blow into the straw and watch the drink bubble up in its cup? Addicting, right? And you'd do it again and again? Well, this adorable Husky has a similar trick. Rather than drink his water like any other dog, he prefers something a little more creative. After all, it's a hot day outside, the water is cool, and he's feeling like having a little fun.

This Husky loves to blow bubbles with his water. He submerges his nose, exhales, and watches the bubbles appear. He seems to have his timing down perfectly, too - when he needs to breathe, he lifts his nose out of the water before starting the trick over again. It's seriously cute - take a look for yourself.

Dogs come up with all sorts of tricks and unusual habits. Blowing bubbles seems to be this Husky's "thing." Maybe it's entertaining, maybe it cools him down, or maybe it feels funny. Who knows just why he does it.

Sometimes dogs do things that really don't make sense to us humans. Maybe your dog has suddenly become afraid of hats, or maybe he's just started to chase his tail obsessively. Often these habits are fairly harmless, but when they start to significantly impact your or your dog's life, it's important to get to the root of the behavior.

Dog behaviorists can help us understand our dogs' methods of thinking. They can help to explain some behaviors, and can also present possible solutions to help our dogs stop negative behaviors. If you have questions about your dog's behavior, consider finding a good dog behaviorist. Your vet may have some recommendations of people he or she has previously worked with.

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Husky Makes the Most of the Heat and Blows Bubbles in His Water