This Humane Society Has a Unique Way to Help with “Hard to Place” Cats

Posted by Tori Holmes
All images via Star Tribune

The Animal Humane Society in St. Paul, Minnesota has come up with a program designed to help place cats that may not be suited to traditional homes.

Through their "working cat" program, the team at the Animal Humane Society helps cats that aren't successfully adopted find less conventional living arrangements that just happen to come with a full-time job.


Twice a week, the Animal Humane Society sends out an email introducing available cats to businesses that may be in need of a feline staff member to help curb problems with mice or other vermin on-site. Once the cats are brought to their new "home," they are given several weeks to adjust to their new settings before for their job of chief mouse hunter begins.

The great things about this program is that it gives cats second chance at life and a stable setting where they can learn to become more sociable. Businesses who have brought on a feline staff member through the program have been thrilled with the experience so far.

The resounding response is that the cats are terrific employees: dependable, never late for work, and require no training.

Fritz the cat roamed free at Ramy Turf Products on Friday, April 1, 2016 in St. Paul, Minn.

So far 70 cats have been adopted out through the working cat program, and only three have had to be returned. The Minnesota Animal Humane Society and its supporters are proud to have found a solution to fill a niche in cat adoptions, saving lives in the process.

If you're interested in becoming part of the working cat program, visit the Animal Humane Society website.

Keep up the pawesome work, kitties!

All images via Star Tribune.

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This Humane Society Has a Unique Way to Help with “Hard to Place” Cats