This House Is the Ultimate Cat Lover's Paradise

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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If you want to totally treat your cat to the ultimate in luxury, then you have to check out this cat lover's paradise. 

Most cat lovers make a few modifications to their homes to ensure their cats feel right at home. You might invest in a cat tree or even put up shelves so your cats have ways to get up high. Perhaps you buy a few cat beds and some special cat toys. But even with a number of special additions and modifications, chances are your house doesn't come close to this cat lover's paradise.

This house is truly designed with the cat in mind. Each cat (there appear to be a dozen or more) has its own little cat condo where it spends the night. The cat condos have shelves, cat beds, food dishes, and litter boxes, so the cats spend the night in comfort. But when they're let out each morning? That's where the party starts.

If you want to see the most impressive part of this cat lover's paradise, be sure to watch the video all the way to the end - you'll never imagine what's just outside.

That's right - this house is complete with a huge, luxurious catio. The cats can enjoy being outdoors in safety, since the catio is fully enclosed. They get to watch the birds, soak up the sun, and check out all of the great smells of the outdoors without being at risk of being harmed by a predator, running away, or otherwise getting hurt.


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While you might not want to go to the lengths of this unique catio, you can still create your own catio pretty simply. A catio can be as basic as a fenced-in box attached to a window that your cat can go sleep in. Or, if you have a patio, porch, or other area, you might enclose it so your cats can roam freely.

Will you be building your cats a catio? Tell us in the comments below. 

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This House Is the Ultimate Cat Lover's Paradise