This Trainer and His Horse Have a Relationship Unlike Any Other

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When this horse trainer and his horse interact, the result is borderline magical. 

The world is full of many, many good horse trainers out there. But to find a trainer who is so dedicated to their craft that they have dedicated their lives to understanding the horse? That's a little more rare.

These trainers stand out from the crowd because of the incredible work that they do, and the seamless, easy way that they so often seem to work with horses. And truth be told, this particular horse trainer is absolutely amazing.

His name is Miron Bococi, and he's been called the Romanian Horse Whisperer. Born in Romania, Bococi now lives in Spain. Bococi is known for his incredible freestyle work with his horses, and he frequently puts on high-energy shows and demonstrations.

Take a look at Bococi's latest video below.

Becoming a horse trainer capable of getting results like these is no small feat. Bococi has dedicated his life to working with horses.

He tells ID Studios:

"I dedicated myself to horses because I felt that in life it is better to do what you like. We are all slaves, in a way - we live in a consumerist society where we work to live and breathe, so, if this is life, at least we have to follow our passion. And since I started doing what I love, I had to do it my own way.  When I am in a show, I'm having fun, so my horse should have fun with me."

What's so memorable about this video is the fact that the horse is truly engaged in the work that he's doing. He's animated and even joyful in his movements, and you don't see fear or resentment at any point. Bococi uses his whip merely as a guide to help direct the horse, and you can see the trainer's enjoyment in what he does, too.

What is the best training demonstration that you've ever seen?

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This Trainer and His Horse Have a Relationship Unlike Any Other