Reporter Can't Finish His Lines with Affectionate Horse Nibbling His Ear

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When this TV reporter agreed to stand by this horse's stall for the broadcast, he didn't know what he was getting into.

You have affectionate horses, and then you have affectionate horses. When you combine a horse who just can't get enough of people with a TV reporter who's trying very hard to do his broadcast, hilarity ensues. And that's just what happened in this video.

This bay horse seems like he'll do just about anything for this TV reporter's attention. Unfortunately, the reporter is trying very hard to get through his script. That becomes next to impossible when the horse gets even more and more persistent.

Take a look at this hilarious video - the reporter's reactions just might be the best part!

Reporting with animals present is always a challenge, since you never know just what's going to happen. Luckily for this reporter the broadcast wasn't live, and luckily for us, it meant that there was time for plenty of outtakes!

Thankfully this horse seems to be pretty gentle in most of his antics. He nibbles the reporter's ear a few times, but otherwise seems good-natured. And the reporter and cameraman seem quite entertained.

Do you have a horse who is super friendly like this one? Friendly horses have often had positive experiences with the humans in their lives. They know that a little ear nibbling can usually get them attention, and that treats and rubs often come with that attention.

It seems like this horse has the act down pat, and that he doesn't mind grabbing a little screen time for himself in the process!

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Reporter Can't Finish His Lines with Affectionate Horse Nibbling His Ear