Here's What Goes on in Your Head During a Dressage Test

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Rider Brett Kidding dictates what may be the most hilarious dressage test that we've ever seen. 

When you enter the dressage arena, what thoughts are running through your head? Forward impulsion, eyes up, shoulders back, leg on, straight down to X, halt, no, really halt now, good, that was square, salute, look at the judge, okay, let's go.

Something to that effect? Well, thanks to this hilarious dressage test, now your innermost thoughts are on display for everyone to see.

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Rider Brett Kidding dictates his dressage test from step one, and you'd better be ready to laugh. He hits on all of the pain points of dressage riders, and throws in some awesome truths in this comedy routine. Take a look at this Grand Prix Freestyle gone wrong in so, so many ways. And make sure your volume is turned up so you can hear Kidding's hilarious running commentary.

Brett Kidding's First Grand Prix Freestyle @ Olympia, The London International Horse Show now online! #TRTmethod #Brettkidding

Posted by TRTmethod on Saturday, January 14, 2017

Love it? So did we. And apparently the judges did, too - did you catch the footage of them laughing?

Brett Kidding may be a hit, but you won't see him in most competitions. In fact, he's the alter ego of Tristan Tucker of TRTMethod. But just because Kidding is kidding around, don't be fooled - Tucker's immense talents shine through. I mean, did you see those one-tempi changes while he was on the phone? We also have to give his horse a shout out for being such a great sport.

So, the next time that you find yourself quivering in your boots as you wait to perform your dressage test, just remember, you aren't the only one. When you can hear your trainer's voice in your head and have so many thoughts swirling about that it's hard to focus on what you're doing, well, it happens to all of us. Just focus the best you can and ride it out.

Then come home and watch this hilarious dressage test to make yourself feel better.

Have you ever had some of these thoughts while riding a dressage test? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Here's What Goes on in Your Head During a Dressage Test