Here's What It's Like to Have a Horse as Your Ring Bearer

Posted by Paige Cerulli

On this couple's wedding day, their ring bearer was probably the most memorable choice ever. 

On their wedding days, brides usually want to be the focus of attention. But this bride had to have known that her cute ring bearer would steal the show. And she was okay with that - because when your ring bearer is a Saddlebred horse who strolls into the church, then you know all eyes will be on him.

We have to hand it to the horse - he handled walking up a carpeted aisle between pews full of people incredibly well. He stays calm, does just what he's asked, and carries the rings in a ribbon around his neck instead of a ring pillow. Clearly he's very important to the couple, and they seemed determined to make him a part of their very special day.

Take a look at his special entrance.

Now, before you start planning to bring your horse into the church on your wedding day, hold on. We'd be surprised if you found a church that would approve of bringing a horse inside - not only for the potential damage to the church, but also as a general safety issue. But that doesn't mean that your horse can't be involved in your special day.

Some brides and grooms arrange outdoor Western weddings so that their horses can be there. Many brides choose to be led down the aisle on their horses. Alternatively, if your ceremony will be outdoors, you might be able to incorporate your horse some other way, perhaps by holding the reception near the barn so that he can graze in a paddock nearby.

If you plan on having your horse involved in your wedding ceremony, think about his overall temperament and how he will handle the festivities. You want to keep everyone safe while also keeping your horse happy and relaxed.

If participating in your wedding day isn't right for your horse, don't forget that you can always have a photo shoot with him at a later date so that he's still a part of your wedding memories. Now you just need a puppy flower girl!

Would you have a horse as your ring bearer? Tell us in the comments below!

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Here's What It's Like to Have a Horse as Your Ring Bearer