How to Make Your Own Backyard Butterfly Habitat

Posted by Stacey Venzel
All images via Demikmj/Imgur

All you need is some milkweed and you can have a butterfly landing pad, too!

The monarch butterfly is vying for protection in the Endangered Species Act. Habitat destruction is causing their numbers to plummet. But you could have your very own backyard butterfly sanctuary if you follow what this guy did.

If you create a garden with host plants, namely milkweed, you're sure to attract the migrating insects. Your yard will be filled with chrysalises before you know it!


Any chrysalises hanging in precarious positions can be carefully relocated. If you find one dangling from the rim of a garbage can, meticulously detach it, being sure to lightly cradle the developing pupa.

With the help of a stick and a glue gun, you can then re-attach the chrysalis in a hanging position, lying the stick in a safe place. Be sure not to overheat the chrysalis with the hot glue gun!


Though you aren't technically homing the animals, you're providing them with vital habitat to give the species a second chance.

And when your friends ask if you have any pets, you can say that you in fact have a hundred pets--they just happen to live outdoors and come and go as they please. Not much different from a barn cat!

Will you be making this butterfly home this summer? Tell us in the comments below!

All images via Demikmj/Imgur.

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How to Make Your Own Backyard Butterfly Habitat