GoPro on Guide Dog Helps Uncover London's Challenges for the Blind

Posted by Tori Holmes
Collage of Kika the Guide Dog

Navigating your way around London, England can be a daunting task for anyone, but for those with visual impairments the struggles increase tenfold.

Londoner Amit Patel was a practicing doctor until he lost his sight in 2012 due to a condition that affects the cornea. Since then, he has been partnered with his very own guide dog Kika.

To show what it takes for the visually impaired to navigate through London, Patel and his wife outfitted Kika with her very own GoPro to document their daily travels.

Take a look for yourself and see what obstacles the pair face:

As you can see, life in the big city has unique challenges for the visually impaired. Fortunately, guide dogs like Kika are able to provide support and give their owners the gift of independence.

To learn more about Kika and Patel and the work guide dogs do, follow the pair on Twitter.

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