Police Dog Uncovers More Than €280,000 on Train to Luxembourg

Posted by Tori Holmes
k-9 young german shepherd dog on duty stand looking and focus to someone beside police trainer

A sniffer dog named Cash found more than ?280,000 hidden on a train destined for Luxembourg.

The aptly named sniffer dog, Cash, was just doing his job inspecting a train as part of an anti-drug service raid when he alerted his handler to a man who was concealing ?50,000 on his body.

After this already impressive find, Cash led his handler to a separate piece of luggage where another ?236,000 was hidden. In total, the cash equalled approximately $303,000.

Cash the sniffer dog

Since the two men had not declared that they were varying more than ?10,000 in cash as required by Luxembourg law, the two men who were in possession of the money were promptly arrested.

While the details of why the men were carrying that much cash or how they had come to possess it, it's an amazingly impressive find.

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Police Dog Uncovers More Than €280,000 on Train to Luxembourg