This Good Dog Saves Her Buddy with an Emergency Blood Transfusion

Posted by Tori Holmes

Gemma, the dog of the principal veterinarian at Sutterton Hospital in Boston, Lincolnshire, UK is being hailed a very good dog after saving the life of a long-term client.

Ni Ni, an 11-year-old Dachshund, has an immune-mediated problem with his blood, but under the care and supervision of his veterinary team at Sutterton Hospital has been in stable condition for the past year and a half.

Unfortunately, at the beginning of the month, he came into the clinic and wasn't doing too well. His color was off and he appeared to be generally weak, so the team performed a blood test.

dachshund at the vet

The results showed that Ni Ni was anemic so he was subsequently put on more medication. A few days later his owner brought him back and a follow-up test showed that Ni Ni's red blood count had significantly decreased and the medication was not working quick enough.

At this point, the only way to save Ni Ni was with an emergency blood transfusion. Fortunately, Gemma was up to the task.

Gemma, the mastiff-cross well known amongst clients as the reception greeter, donated 450 grams of blood collected from her jugular vein. This blood was then used to give Ni Ni the much-needed transfusion.

Gemma the dog

Much to everyone's relief, the transfusion went well and Ni Ni the Dachshund has recovered nicely.

dachshund getting blood transfusion

On a post on their Facebook page, the team at Sutterton Hospital share that they "are all so pleased for Ni Ni and very proud of Gemma."

We're so glad to hear that everyone is recovering nicely and there's certainly no doubt in our mind that Gemma the receptionist deserves the title of very good dog.

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All images courtesy of the South Lincs Vet Group Ltd.

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This Good Dog Saves Her Buddy with an Emergency Blood Transfusion