This Confused Puppy Walks Himself by Chasing His Leash

Posted by Samantha Bubar

Some dogs are capable of pretty amazing things. Like taking themselves for walks. 

This Golden Retriever puppy doesn't need a human companion to go on a walk. Just a kitchen island and a leash!

Just Can't Quite Reach

This puppy chases the leash in circles, trying his hardest to catch it! Much like chasing a tail- it's just always a little bit out of reach. Talk about determination. At least no one will have to worry about tiring this little pup out! He seems to have that covered all on his own!

Mom watches on, amused and curious about the strange black string circling the kitchen counter, followed by a silly enthusiastic puppy. What great entertainment for both mom and pup. While "retrieving" may be part of his job description, he may have a little more work ahead of him!

The Retriever Breed

Golden Retrievers are known for being great family dogs. They are loyal, gentle, and easygoing. They are also extremely smart, and great in the water and in the woods. These qualities all contribute to the family-dog reputation.

Their high level of intelligence also makes them great service dogs. They perform well in obedience training, and are very friendly, which lends well to a working dog. They can be in a variety of situations and remain focused and well-behaved in large crowds.

They are highly active and have a medium energy level, which also make them great for all ages and experience levels. They have a water repellent coat and need regular grooming as well as brushing. This keeps their coat in great condition, and helps keep the hair off your couch and floors.

Before bringing any new pet into your family, research all breeds to make sure you're making the appropriate decision for your family. It is very important that you are able to meet the needs of the pet you would like to welcome into your home.

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This Confused Puppy Walks Himself by Chasing His Leash