This Goat Is The Most Adorable Yoga Partner Ever

Posted by Tori Holmes
Goat Yoga | Wide Open Pets
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Think you need a human partner to do pair yoga? Think again.

This past Christmas, Internet yoga sensation, Rachel Brathen received one of the best gifts you could ask for; a baby goat named Penny Lane!

Brathen and her husband run an animal rescue center and always have their door open to welcome new furry creatures.

Like all goats, Penny Lane loves to climb anything she can get her adorable little hooves on. As it turns out, Brathen is the perfect jungle gym! Penny Lane has taken to joining her mom during her daily yoga practice, using her as an ever-changing climbing challenge.

Yoga in the backyard + baby goat = best afternoon ever???????? #yogaeverydamnday

A photo posted by Rachel Brathen (@yoga_girl) on

Now that you've seen what yoga with a goat is like, it may be hard to back to solo-yoga ever again. Thanks a lot, Penny Lane!

You can follow Penny Lane and all of her goat yoga adventures on her Instagram account.

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This Goat Is The Most Adorable Yoga Partner Ever