This German Shepherd Has the Best Day Playing on Giant Hay Bales

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When you combine a German Shepherd with some really big hay bales, you have a recipe for a very fun day. 

Dogs can find fun in just about anything. For this German Shepherd, that fun comes in the form of hay bales. He's lucky enough to get some great playtime in with the hay bales, and his owner even tosses a frisbee to make things even more exciting.

This video is a great example of how incredibly athletic German Shepherds are. Watch as this dog easily leaps up onto these hay bales - they're at least three or four times as tall as he is. Take a look at this dog having a great time.

Because German Shepherds are filled with energy and are highly athletic, they need lots of exercise. They excel in sports like flyball and dock diving, and they're also highly intelligent. German Shepherds make great search-and-rescue dogs, and they're also known for being K9 officers. Brave, fast, intelligent, and athletic, these dogs truly have it all.

If you want to bring home a German Shepherd, make sure that you have the time and energy needed to keep him exercised. Daily walks and exercise are a must for this breed.

But this can also be one of the advantages of having a German Shepherd in your home - they prompt you to get outside every day, and you'll have the chance to try out new sports and experiences, too.

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This German Shepherd Has the Best Day Playing on Giant Hay Bales